I have a firm background in experimental optical spectroscopy (MSc at FOM), luminescent materials development (PhD at TUDelft) and fundamentals processes in luminescent materials (post-doc at USA). My experimental work on photo-induced electron-delocalisation has let to new models explaining luminescence quenching involving conduction band states. My modelling work on lanthanide materials has provided a systematic and logical overview of basic properties of Ln-halides, chalcogenides and pnictides. I have specialized at TUDelft in the development of luminescent materials for sustainable energy applications.
I have developed unique knowledge on luminescent properties of rare earth and transition metal compounds that puts me in a position to design new materials for a variety of applications in the field of solar energy. My work on down-conversion materials (phosphors emitting two photons for one absorbed photon) has clearly revealed fundamental limits caused by competing charge transfer processes but has also shed light on new possibilities. I discovered unique black phosphors that may enable an electricity generating window based on the principle of the luminescent solar concentrator. Recently started developing coatings for greenhouses for increased crop yield.